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Experienced lawyers on civil litigations in Hong Kong

We are Hong Kong lawyers. We have a diversified litigation and dispute resolutions legal practice. Our professional services include legal advice and legal representations to our clients in Hong Kong:

Our litigation service includes dispute resolution through: 
  • litigation 
  • arbitration 
  • mediation 
  • negotiation and settlement. 

Our Litigations Lawyers

Our litigation lawyers possess divergent legal skills on Hong Kong law practice:
  • commencing legal proceedings in different levels of courts 
  • legal representation on appeal to Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal 
  • defending civil legal actions 
  • representing litigants in alternative dispute resolutions (ADR), such as arbitrations and mediations
  • advice and legal representation on criminal liabilities  
Lawyers for legal advice:

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Our Legal Skills & Experience

Our lawyers have legal skills and experience in the following types of civil claims or defence:
  • Contractual disputes and contract laws, such as sales of goods and services
  • Commercial fraud or fraud on corporations
  • White-collar crimes and defence
  • Debt recovery 
  • Personal insolvency and debt restructuring 
  • Corporate debt restructuring and liquidations 
  • Negligence: personal injuries, claims on traffic accidents 
  • Professional negligence 
  • Insurance laws 
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes 
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Defamation: slander and libel 
  • Judicial review 
  • Trust, breach of trusts and probate claims 
  • Land and conveyancing disputes
  • Employment law and labour disputes
  • Injunction legal proceedings
  • Intellectual property rights: copyright laws, patent and trade marks
  • Landlorad and tenant: rent in arrears and re-possession
Legal disputes on investments
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