Pre-litigation Works

Before Litigation: Pre-action Assessment, investigation & evaluation

This is a very important stage in civil litigation. Our litigation lawyers perform the following role at this pre-action stage:
  • take instructions from litigants on facts of the legal matter
  • evaluate the evidence: oral, written and real evidence
  • carry searches, inquiries and investigation
  • conduct legal research on law points
  • finding out decided legal cases in support or going against the litigant's legal case
  • determine the strength and weakness of the plaintiff’s case and if enough evidence exists to commence a legal action in court
  • if it relates to defence of a legal action, our litigation lawyers will evaluate the defendant’s case: evidence exists to defend a potential or pre-existing legal proceedings. This process may include locating witnesses, taking witness statements, gathering documents, interviewing the client and investigating the facts leading to the dispute. 
At times, our litigation lawyers may engage in pre-litigation settlement negotiation with the opposite party to resolve the matter before a legal action is commenced. This is called amicable out-of-court settlement so as to avoid potentially high legal costs and long legal process.
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